If men only use two hair products for the rest of their life, let it be Tonic and Molding Paste. We know that’s a big game to talk, but Vaughn will be the first one to tell you about the magic behind this power duo.

The versatile Tonic Hair & Scalp nourishes, preps and revives hair, while Molding Paste offers user-friendly style that gets better as the day goes on.


  • Molding Paste is a flexible hold, high memory paste that adds shape and body to hair, helping sculpt strands with a satin finish.
  • Features V76 signature BLUE CEDAR fragrance, a magnetic woody scent that is soothing and elegant with leathery accents featuring Coconut Milk, Nutmeg, Violet, Peach, Blue Cedar Tree, Moss and Leather Accord.
  • American-Sourced Ingredients
    • Rhubarb Extract Contains natural moisturizers, providing deep, long- lasting hydration.
    • Irish Moss Extract Strengthens and thickens hair.
    • Birch Leaf Extract Strengthens hair from roots to ends.
    • Slippery Elm Extract Fortifies and detangles hair strands.



  • Tonic is a weightless, nourishing spray enriched with tea tree and juniper oil refreshes hair and soothes the scalp. Use as a prep for styling or to reactivate styles throughout the day.
  • Features V76 signature DESERT LIME fragrance, a sensual, spicy fragrance that awakens the spirit with Basil, Lime, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Ginger and Vetiver.
  • American-Sourced Ingredients
    • Eucalyptus Oil Soothes the scalp while nourishing hair strands, imparting shine and improving overall hair health.
    • Juniper Extract Moisturizes the hair while nourishing the scalp.



  • Work a fingertip or two worth of product in between palms. Apply evenly to hair, using fingers in a raking motion.
  • The more you work the product into hair, the more flexible and loose hair will become. If you want a more buttoned up look, simply apply and leave it be.
  • Great for guys with shorter to mid length hair, and all thicknesses.
  • Works best in damp hair but can be applied in dry hair
  • Apply with dry hands, spray tonic into hands or hair to allow the formula to dilute get rest of hands and finish the look
  • After applying Molding Paste, spritz Tonic into hands to help dilute and breakup some of the product to easily mold and shape hair.
  • For added lift, set hair with a blow dryer.
  • V76 Pucks like to work together: Pair Molding Paste with V Rated Natural Wax to soften the effects of Molding Paste.
  • Use as a prequel to product. Simply spray on hair and run fingers through hair to evenly distribute.
  • Perfect cutting lotion – after applying Molding Paste, spritz Tonic into hands to help dilute and breakup some of the product to easily mold and shape hair.
  • Spritz in hair to reactivate or change style throughout the day. Spritz Tonic until hair is damp and reshape hair.
  • Use Tonic alone to give strands a nice, thickening feel.
  • For thinning hair, use to invigorate the scalp to encourage blood flow.
  • Give hair a fragrant boost on days you don’t shampoo.
  • Spritz on face and beard to refresh and soothe thanks to Tea Tree and Juniper Oil.
  • Use after shaving your neckline or back of the neck. Tea Tree Oil’s antiseptic properties will help soothe any redness.